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Inspired by the popularity of movies and TV series about the living dead, Demeter Fragrance Library offers something new in the world of fragrances – tw. Zombie for Her and Zombie for Him appear in the spring of, announcing " the Because only Demeter Fragrance Library could make a Zombie fragrance. Elvira's Zombie is stunningly beautiful; so beautiful and compelling that the olfactory experience risks putting those who smell it into a trance. The sex.

It's horrible depiction of zombies as less-than-human creatures who don't deserve to be loved is just downright backwards. Luckily, the folks at Demeter are more enlightened. The quirky fragrance company maker of such scents as Fuzzy Navel and Funeral Home has just released a Zombie fragrance for men and women, the first step on creating a new world where the dead and the living can exist in olfactive harmony.

Of course, this fragrance won't stop them from eating your demeter fragrances zombie for her. Advertisement In all seriousness, Demeter was obviously trying to create something viral no pun intendedand it's succeeded. In the world of beauty, and fragrance in particular, risk-taking is extremely rare. Though it may not smell as amazing as its signature Rain fragrance or frankly, very good at allit's definitely refreshing compared to the daily onslaught of indistinguishable smells — and definitely no worse than New York in summertime.

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