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Tuscan Sun has some peachy-orange shades as carolina herrera good girl opinie as some other colors that look delicious and fit Dave's Garden member Henrietta's long-ago apt description of these colors as "fruity-melty-sherbety shades.

Awesome! This packaging is everything, and the scent is delicious. It's the perfect combo of youthful sweetness and a sophisticated musk. It is at once professi. Re: New Carolina Herrera "Good Girl". I guess it will appeal to some. No baiting/ trolling. No insults. No politics. Read the Code of Conduct.

GOOD GIRL EDP Légère is a fresher, bold evolution of the iconic GOOD GIRL fragrance. A glamorous symbol of empowerment, GOOD GIRL EDP Légère embraces your. Shop Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum in 30ml, 50ml and 80ml shoe bottle sizes. Enjoy FREE Delivery on orders over £20 & save up to 70% off!

Carolina Herrera introduces a new fragrance to the Good Girl family

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