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Daisy the love

Daisy of Love Season 1 Episode 1

First, that Jun will still be as pretty as ever, and daisy the love, that the love story will be pure, and maybe even prepubescent. Artist Hye-young Jun Ji-hyunwho draws portraits on the streets of Amsterdam, receives daisies from an anonymous person daily.

The real secret admirer is a professional hitman by the name of Park-ui Jung Woo-sungwho loves Hye-young from afar, until he is given a picture of Jung-woo as his next target. The moderately romantic yet gloomy atmosphere of the Netherlands painted the fate of the main characters with dark tones. The nervous, high-strung camerawork illustrates the taut and dangerous tension between the characters. The camera moves from the shoes of Jung-woo to Park-ui, and the visual magic that director Lau conjures up from his first-person viewpoint makes the compassion in all of us surge into the maelstrom that is their destiny.

The problem with Daisy is that although the scenery has a pathetic beauty that is touching, the love is by comparison, weak and translucent.

daisy the love

"Daisy", named before we knew he was a boy, doing what he does best. This cat really loves to knead soft things.

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